I’m Chris, a freelancer and web developer from the UK. This is my minisite to share my work.

My background

I became self-employed in March 2007 and have gone through a bit of a rollercoaster journey over that time, which is now nearly 10 years!

Back in the late noughties I built up a few successful websites and was happy with the progress. However with the rise of social media, increased competition, increased costs and it becoming harder to get high Google rankings the profitability of the websites stagnated and then started to struggle.

I used money earnt from the websites to start short-term trading on the FTSE100. I got myself a mentor and it started off very well. Then I got ill in May 2014 and was unable to work for 5months. This began a difficult time because when I came back from being ill I lost all my confidence and felt like I’d never worked before. That led to me losing 6months worth of profit I made before getting ill. The net result was that I’d effectively earnt next to nothing for the previous 12 months. I’ve tried to explain to people how that feels, but it’s impossible until you experience it. As a result I decided trading was not suitable for me.

Now with no savings left I’ve spent 2016 rebuilding my self employment with the hope of 2017 being more fruitful. I feel confident though and am happy with the progress. I honestly have never felt more determined to succeed.

Hire me!

My main service for other web developers is called ‘user testing’. This is as the name suggests, user testing of websites and apps! You can visit my new profiles to read about my services.

I have a profile at PeoplePerHour and Fiverr.

I also do transcription but currently don’t offer that privately, I use Rev.com to provide my transcription services.

My web development projects

I have owned a gadget blog called DigitPedia.com for many years. Currently it is fairly dormant as I develop content strategies that will be useful or fun for visitors to consume, but also allow me to generate the required revenues.

I also am developing Lensicle.com, the first free stock image website that allows you to edit images before you export them. The website will be fully launched at the start of 2017.

The Future

I hope my current projects and efforts begin to become fruitful from 2017 onwards. Until then it’s a scrap! I will keep this personal blog page live with the hope of expanding it out should my work pay-off.